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COMPANDENT MELPe Applications for Android and iOS

MELPe Demo Application on Google Play

Compandent MELPe application is now available for download from the Google Play Store. Our Android and iOS applications, demonstrate the quality and speed of our hand optimized MELPe for ARM processors, which can be useful for many Android and iOS applications that require high quality voice in aggressive compression rate, low CPU complexity, and/or transmission over poor reception conditions, where MELPe can outperform perhaps any other vocoder.

Compandent MELPe Android and iOS Application includes the following steps:

  • Play Original Speech button - to play the original speech file (gives you an indication of the original quality and duration)
  • Run 2400 MELPe vocoder button - to run Compandent MELPe encoder & decoder (gives you an indication of how fast it's performed (low CPU complexity) compared to the played file). This step creates an output file and activates the "Play Processed Speech" step.
  • Play Processed Speech button - to play the compressed & decompressed output file created in step 2, and demonstrate the high quality of our MELPe suite.

We would greatly appreciate your review of our MELPe demo application, on the Google Play site.

Figure 1.a Compandent's MELPe Android Application (lanscape view) demonstrates our MELPe performance. (c) All rights reserved.

Figure 1.b Compandent's MELPe Android Application (portrait view) demonstrates our MELPe performance. (c) All rights reserved.

Compandent MELPe software under Android was used and tested by NATO also as part of the development of Secure Communications Interoperability Protocols (SCIP).

Compandent MELPe software was used in Compandent created testbed device (MELCODER a.k.a. the NATO “gold standard” reference hardware for STANAG-4591) utilized by the NATO's test-laboratory as a part of the MELPe standard adoption process. The software package has passed tests that are similar to the quality and performance tests used in the MELPe development process and/or used in Compandent's MELPe testbed. The same Compandent expertise that contributed to the official NSA MELPe standard has since continued with the development, debugging, and code enhancements at Compandent, bringing the MELPe standard reference to the next level - the Compandent MELPe suite (a.k.a MELPe++ or MELPe-Plus-Plus). Compandent has leveraged its previous experience developing MELPe components for NSA to create a reliable and compliant package that conforms with modern DSP environments & tools.

Compandent also provides MELPe related DSP software & hardware in various COTS form factors and platforms, including multi-channel & multi-thread POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) compliant software running on various platforms such as Linux, Windows PC, Android, iOS, MacOS, ARM, DSP, GHS, TI, Analog Devices, etc.. Such implementations are suitable for applications such as PDA, pocket PC, laptop, cell-phones, VoIP, satellite communications, secure voice, secure radio, Software Defined Radios (SDR) or software-programmable radio, STE (Secure Terminal Equipment), JTRS and MIDS terminals. Defense Contractors, please also refer to: Note to Defense Contractor Management and Engineering.

For details contact us, Download MELPe Package Fact Sheet MELPe Package Fact Sheet in PDF format , Compandent MELPe FAQ

Please note: Compandent owns intellectual property (IP) in the official (standard) MELPe implementation, and any of its derivatives (see for example USCO certificate of copyright registration numbers: TX0006703781 (postfilt.asm), TX0006845325 (lpc_lib.asm), TX0007161044 (lpc_lib.c), , and many more. Any party intending to develop products based on MELPe should contact Compandent as well as other IP holders regarding licensing.

To report bugs or suggestions to the MELPe algorithm implementation please mail to: MELPeSupport@compandent.com


Customer Reviews
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5 out of 5 stars Highly Recommended!!!
Reviewer:   Project Engineer - Major Worldwide Defence Technology and Security Company (UK)

Integrating the Compandent MELPe package & FLEXI-232 DTE with our military modem device was seen as a possible risk area at the start of our project. Your first class technical support helped us immensely with our integration activities, including tailoring of the FLEXI-232 DTE firmware to meet our exacting requirements. We were up and running in less than a week of the package arriving in the UK and best of all no additional interfacing circuitry was required. Top marks!

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5 out of 5 stars Great package!!! Very professional!!!
Reviewer:   Product Manager - Defense industry (USA)

It was great pleasure doing business and working with you guys! I will be more than happy to support and recommend you. Compandent is a very professional and customer service oriented company. Your MELPe package was so easy to work with. It is a high quality software and has clear documentation. Thanks for everything, and we will support you as best we can.

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5 out of 5 stars Great product! Highly recommended!
Reviewer:   Project Manager - Secure Voice industry (Europe)

Compandent saved us many months of hard work, enabled us short time-to-market, and provided us with critical competitive advantage. Your package was very reliable, and achieved the best quality. The audio demo was very helpful for us in presenting our prototype successfully within a short period of time. It is pleasure working with Compandent. Highly recommended!

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5 out of 5 starsHigh quality software & excellent service!
Reviewer: Engineering Manager - Wireless comm. industry (USA)

Way to go Compandent! We integrated your MELPe into our product almost instantly! The Test Vector and software verification was so easy, we had almost nothing to do, it was all automatically performed, so smooth and easy. Great package which includes everything one may need for using MELPe vocoder in a product. We started with the c54xx, and in the future we will probably use the c55xx as well!

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5 out of 5 stars Excellent MELPe package, and very professional company!
Reviewer: Senior Engineer - NATO vendor (Europe)

Compandent knows the MELPe coder in-and-out! They responded promptly to any question or issue we had, and provided us with the correct answer and solution. Compandent's MELPe is very efficient computationally and memory-wise, which allowed us to run all our software on the c55xx! Definitely the best in the market. We will be more than happy to further recommend you.

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4 out of 5 stars Recommended Good Product
Reviewer: Project Manager - Wireless Device Manufacturer (USA)

This package was easy to test/verify, implement, and use on our platform. Compandent has been extremely helpful and professional with all questions and concerns. One improvement which could be made is related to the memory map. Otherwise, the product has worked exactly as expected.

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