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The IntellInteractor - Compandent's New Patent Pending IntellInteractor Fact Sheet in PDF format

System and service to reduce the time, distraction, and cost involved with dealing with tone/voice enabled services.


A lot has been done to improve and enhance the usage of voice/tone-enabled services, such as directory assistance, by increasing their friendliness, simplicity, features, and benefits to the provider, but very little, if anything at all, has been done to help callers to shorten the time needed to interact with such services. Callers spend an already substantial and further increasing amount of time interacting with such services which in many cases require entering numbers and/or commands via voice or tones, and/or waiting while being transferred or being put on hold for a live operator or representative. In many cases, such as in long distance, international, or cellular calls, the cost of the line and communication infrastructure, paid by the caller or the service provider, is very expensive.

The purpose of this invention is to save time, cost, and distraction to the caller who has to interact with the dramatically increasing number of automated voice-enabled or tone-enabled services

Compandent has developed a method and system that can reduce the time spent on, cost involved with, distraction caused by, and need to being put on hold, and/or the need to manually operate or respond to the common automated voice/tone-enabled services.

This novel system can be provided as a service or embedded in or be part of an existing device such as telephone, wireless phone, voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) phone or other communication device or software, computer, laptop or pocket personal computer (PC), personal digital assistant (PDA), and/or teleconferencing system.

This revolutionary method and system can completely or partially release the caller, or assist her/him, during the process of interacting with voice/tone-enabled services, and hence save time, costs, and distraction to the caller. The system can save high costs involved with connections such as wireless, cellular, long distance, or international calls. The method and system, also improves the caller reachability and availability via communications devices and/or networks.



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